An overview of reseller hosting

Hosting a website is compulsory to prevail with a business irrespective of its size. Reseller hosting is a popular practise as of now, in this kind of web hosting the account owner gas the capacity to use the allotted drive and bandwidth to host website of his clients. So, by buying or subscribing to a server space, it is possible to facilitate web hosting services in this way. In this context it is worth mentioning that WHM or Web Hosting Manager is a tool that allows administrative rights to the back end. Interesting to note that every windows reseller web hosting package are managed with WHM. WHM is also known as cpanel reseller hosting as the back end or cpanel access is provided to the administrator.

Servers in cluster and performances

One of the major advantages to cloud web hosting services is its scalability. When the website retains information and runs on clouds, it might happen that the cloud becomes busy. In such a circumstance cloud computing wins as it can retrieve information from another cluster of servers or cloud. This ensures no degeneration or no impact upon performance of the website. If you are looking for cheap loud server, consider you have landed in the right page. Host Stad caters with a wide array of cloud-based services. Read on if you are eyeing for best cloud server.


Few outstanding features offered by Host Stad when you go for cloud-based servers

  • Self-service easy to use portal: This helps to view and manage the virtual machines through an interface like mobile application or web browser.
  • High availability and uptime: In case of hardware or server failure we connect to alternative node and this facilitates huge uptime without any fail
  • Comprehensive billing: We do not prefer to burden our high esteemed clients, for the same we have created flexible billing. Kindly contact with us for further details.
  • Secured environment: We maintain multi-layered security as the servers hold critical business and financial data of our clients.
  • User management: We ensure absolute access to the resources. We provide permission and ensure storage of the resources that belong to our customers.
  • Snapshot facility: With this modern technological involvement we help clients to check and keep a copy of the present state of the virtual machine.
  • Huge storage: A large storage pool is offered so that our customers can store data and also can change with the changing business scenario.

Selecting the proven cloud based server provider

As cloud computer change the process of data storage and retrieval, most of the organizations and businesses are leaning upon this. Finding the cheap cloud hosting company like us is no more difficult. But consider that all of the so-called service providers who proclaim as “best cloud hosting” at times fail to stick to their proclamation. It is prudent to initiate some self-research while choosing your cloud-based server provider.

Best Cheap Unlimited Master Reseller Hosting

While going for the final call and selecting the best cloud hosting provider processing, network, bandwidth, storage and memory must be checked. The reputed cloud server and cloud hosting facilitators can offer a quotation for reference. Instead of procrastination it is highly advisable to reach us so that Host Stad can help you out with your best suitable and customized managed cloud hosting solution.