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Web hosting is the process of publishing a website or positioning it in the World Wide Web. Linux and Windows are the two types of operating systems. The OS or operating system installed in your computer and the OS you are interfacing can be different from the OS you are using in a server environment. At Host Stad the process of hosting is accomplished quite fast when the other options and preferences are determined.


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There are loads of specifications and plans, it is advisable to reach us or dial the toll-free customer support number to have detailed discussions. Professional web hosting facilitators ensure a smart and hassle-free web hosting experience. We cater you with every technological assistance you require to initiate online web presence. Few basic requirements when you host a website are as follows:

  • FTP Access
  • Email Accounts
  • WordPress support

Dedicated Server:

A physical server for accessing exclusively. A fully dedicated server facilitates highest level of performance towards web applications. Being the sole owner of the server, the user can fully curate, optimize the environment of the server. Most of the dedicated servers have excellent uptime, and they can take the load of loads of traffic. For critical online presence or when you have huge online travellers or visitors, it is prudent to go for a dedicated server.

Shared hosting:

Contrary to dedicated servers, the shared sever or shared hosting facility is when a server is shared by businesses or entities. At times a business might not require ample of sever space to prevail online. For example, if a star-up organization or a blogger expects visitors of around 300 or more, it is good idea to go for shared hosting. In this kind of web hosting, you can save money and similarly you can get the best out of online presence.

VPS hosting:

It is a typical hosting process where the user can use administrational rights while not getting the server as a whole. This has attained huge popularity as in this era of electronic commerce everyone cannot afford to go for dedicated servers but seeks facilities and advantages of it. So, virtually created environments of a dedicated server indeed attract a wide array of new entrepreneurs and small to mid-scale enterprises. A robust VPS based hosting now can take around 40K to 50K of monthly traffic.

WordPress hosting:

Ideally sought by bloggers and small-scale businesses. There are several services, paid are said to be better though free services are also highly in the current scenario. WordPress is the most popular CMS tool.

Our specialities as mentioned below:

• Domain Name Registration
• ECommerce support
• Domain Name selection
• Web Hosting